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 Get Through Prestige Alot Faster

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D4M4G3 inc

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PostSubject: Get Through Prestige Alot Faster   Sat Mar 08, 2008 7:58 am

Ok, so here we go. Over the past few weeks i have had alot of people ask me how i get through a prestige so fast, well here is the run down on how you can do it just as fast.

1. Get the create a class back once you prestige.


3. Stick with headquarters, search and destroy, sabotage. (domination does not get you xp like most will say)

4. During your sad climb back to the top just so you can prestige again do this, only use 4 weapons the entire time you prestige! This is very important.

*1. Start with the M-16 (get 150 kills with it)
*2. Once you are done with it.. move on to the M4 carbine (150 kills with it)
*3. Next weapon will be the RPD (150 kills with it)
*4. Now you should have made it back to the P90 (150 kills with it)
Now keep in mind what perks you decide to do will affect the outcome, i always go with special grenades=3, stopping power and deep impact, now once you have made it to level 32 i would go ahead and trade in the special 3 for bandolier.

Now when it comes to all the other challenges which help, dont worry about all of them, only the good ones or super easy ones.

Example...... Get flyswatter, marathon comes on its own, bomb down, hero, last man, radar imbound, chopper imbound,
airstrike imbound, goodbye, base jump, crouch shot, prone shot, vandalism, x-ray vision, and point gaurd. Those all come to you in time, but it is best to have them dome by 32.

Then once those are done do these.......bomb defender, bomb planter. Once those are done you should have at least made it to 40, now here is the secret.........
once you have made it back to 40 you must do this, .,.,.,. ONLY PLAY HEADQAURTERS AND DO NOT EVER TRY TO CAP IT

Your best bet for this method to work is to be good, hahahaha, if you can average 35+ kills a game you will be solid.
See on points i get about 700-2000 on every game, with 1500 being my average. I could do a single prestige in a straight
8 hour session.

So try to follow these steps and let me know if they help you, also keep in mind that Lil Smoak also has a very good method similar to mine that works well to, so ask him some tips, however his method takes a lil more time, but gets you more points. Good luck to you all And have fun looking stupid in prestiges 1-5 hahahahahahah

Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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RK1 Gills
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PostSubject: Re: Get Through Prestige Alot Faster   Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:04 pm

I ran into a rough spot on trying to follow your suggestions. The guy at the local gun shop thought I was a freak for asking for a M-16, M-4, RPD and the P-90 sent him off the deep end. Once the local cops cleared me of all wrong doing, I asked the A-Hole if he at least had 3 grenades...fucker through me out of the store.

Any other bright ideas?
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Get Through Prestige Alot Faster
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